1. MS in Animal Sciences (August 2021 to date): Animal science and monogastric nutrition; Dept. of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Honolulu 96822

  2. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2015-2020): Veterinary science and animal husbandry; Faculty of Veterinary Science, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh

Awards and Fellowship

  1. Best Paper Award 2022 of the Journal Animals by MDPI [Animals, 2020, 10(10), 1863: 1-18]
  2. Graduate Research Assistantship (August 2021 to date): University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, USA for MS study
  3. East West Center Student Affiliate (August 2021 to date): East West Center, Honolulu, HI, USA
  4. PSA Hatchery Brooder Development Award (2019): Poultry Science Association (USA)
  5. Andrew F. Giesen III Undergraduate Internship (2018): Poultry Science Association (USA) and hosted by The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
  6. Merit Scholarship (2015): Bangladesh Agricultural University for DVM study

Professional Positions

  1. Department Representative- Animal Sciences (December 15, 2022 to date): Graduate Student Organization, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  2. Chair: Project Innovation Committee (September 2022 to date): Poultry Science Association (PSA) Hatchery, USA
  3. Graduate Research Assistant (August 2021 to date): Animal Nutrition Lab; Prof. Dr. Rajesh Jha, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, USA
  4. Deputy Judge : Animal Sciences (April 06, 2023): 66th Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair, USA
  5. Regional Director (September 2021 to September 2022): Poultry Science Association (PSA) Hatchery, USA for Region 5 – West, US
  6. Regional Director (July 2020 to September 2021): PSA Hatchery, USA for Region 10 - East Asia (Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Srilanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam)
  7. Founder President (2020-2021): International Students’ Association of Bangladesh Agricultural University (ISA-BAU)
  8. University Ambassador (July 2020- July 2021): Poultry Science Association (PSA) Hatchery, USA for Bangladesh Agricultural University
  9. Intern Student Member (8-11 August 2019): Veterinary Medical Team, District Livestock Office, Mymensingh, People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  10. Coordinator (March 2019 to January 2020): Mymensingh-Gopalganj Chapter, Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organization (WNSO), Bangladesh
  11. Committee Member (2016-2020): Teacher Student Centre Council, Bangladesh Agriculture University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh
  12. City and University Representative (June 2016 to March 2018): Worldwide Nepalese Students’ Organization, Bangladesh

Professional Affiliations

  1. Poultry Science Association (June 2017 to date)
  2. World Poultry Science Association-US Branch (2021 to date)
  3. World Poultry Science Association-Canada Branch (2022 to date)
  4. American Embryo Transfer Association (July 2018 to date)
  5. American Society for Microbiology (July 2018 to date)
  6. Microbiology Society (April 2018 to date)

Working Experience

  1. Visiting Intern: Dr. Woo Kyun Kim’s lab, Department of Poultry Science, University of Georgia, Athens, USA
  2. Student Organizer: Workshop on safe poultry meat and egg production. Jointly organized by PSA Hatchery, Poultry Science Association, USA and Network for the Veterinarians of Bangladesh
  3. Undergraduate Research Assistant: Faculty of Veterinary Science, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh
  4. Invited Trainer: International Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Rangpur, Bangladesh
  5. Event Management: Workshop on PowerPoint: a smart tool for interactive presentation. Organized by Network for the Veterinarians of Bangladesh
  6. Program coordinator: Different veterinary related volunteer works